What We Do


We Lead The Fight And Save Lives Along The Way

The Lisa Colagrossi Foundation is a non-profit foundation leading the fight against Brain Aneurysms by spreading critical awareness, overcoming the education barriers and solving the industry's most challenging problems. We fight every day to reach the tens of thousands of people who will experience a Brain Aneurysm rupture each year and save the precious lives of loved ones.


Our mission is to reduce the number of Brain Aneurysm ruptures, through targeted and innovative awareness and education programs which lead to early diagnosis.  We empower individuals with Brain Aneurysms, and their families, to live with a peace of mind by providing targeted communication, advanced treatment, and compassionate support

The foundation's primary focus is to create consumer awareness and education specifically for the signs, symptoms, and risk factors for Brain Aneurysms while supplementing research and support initiatives where appropriate.  The organization also creates and encourages unique programs that promote early detection and innovative research in the quest to find more effective methods in the areas of prevention and treatment.