What Causes Brain Aneurysms?

The idea of a brain aneurysm can be frightening, and that’s especially true if the symptoms and risk factors are new to you. If you have a record of several generations of brain aneurysms within your family, this is a strong indicator that you may be at risk. However, knowledge is a powerful tool when it comes to diagnosing and preventing brain aneurysms.

Brain Aneurysms

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What Causes Brain Aneurysms?

Despite significant advancements in medical science over the last several decades, physicians and medical researchers have yet to pinpoint any direct causes of brain aneurysms. In addition to family history, if you have certain medical conditions, you may be at increased risk for having a brain aneurysm.

Brain Aneurysm Risk Factors

If you’re concerned about brain aneurysms for yourself or for a loved one, here is some of the most up to date information that can help guide you. Generally, brain aneurysms are more common in women than in men and more common among adults than children. Other risk factors aren’t as clear. Some are identifiable at birth, while others develop over time or appear as the result of lifestyle choices.

Brain Aneurysm Risk Factors That Develop Over Time

Though we’re born with some risk factors for brain aneurysms, some develop with age and lifestyle. Here are a few to be aware of. Some may be in your control, but some aren’t.

Making healthy lifestyle choices such as quitting smoking, limiting alcohol use, and eating a balanced diet that encourages healthy blood pressure can potentially reduce the risk of developing a brain aneurysm later in life. Learning risk factors and prevention strategies can help you and your loved ones embrace a more understanding view of brain aneurysms.

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