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Kate Monaghan Connolly is the interim Executive Vice President of External Affairs at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Kate began working at the Memorial & Museum in 2016, having previously worked as assistant director of communications for the Archdiocese of New York, and communications director for a successful congressional campaign, content lead, and reporter before moving to New York City. During her tenure with the Archdiocese of New York she worked on multiple high-profile projects, including the four-year $175 million dollar restoration campaign for St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Kate embraces consultative leadership while owning decisions as a team leader who specializes in storytelling and brand placement for mission driven brands in top tier media markets, seamlessly connecting with diverse global audiences.

Kate lives in Queens with her husband and volunteers as a mentor for young professionals. She enjoys playing the piano and distance hiking. She graduated from Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in 2006 with a BA in philosophy.

In October 2019, Kate’s mom, Mary Louise, suffered a catastrophic brain aneurysm (subarachnoid hemorrhage). A healthy and active non-smoker, doctors predicted her death on multiple occasions. After 60+ days in a coma and multiple surgeries, she awoke to a completely different life that requires round the clock care. Again and again, we, her family, were given dire predictions about her ability to live, wake up, or have any meaningful life. A lot of the predictions were true: her life is greatly altered but a lot of them were wrong and Mary Louise knows everyone and continues to provide a foundation of love and strength to those around her.

Mary Louise is the loving wife of Patrick and loving mother of 10 children and 23 grandchildren. All of her family have supported her during this incredibly difficult chapter that unfolded during a global pandemic. Mary Louise is now at home and supported by a core nursing team and a care team led by her husband, son, grandson and daughters.

Today, she has recently passed a swallow test and is now permitted to eat for enjoyment, she has physical therapy twice a week and speech therapy once a week. She is able to speak but is easily tired and has a shorter attention span. But, she is able to participate in family life and she knows she is loved and her life has a purpose.

Her family is dedicated to sharing the warning signs for brain aneurysm with others and supporting other families during such a challenge.

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